1 Intro
2 Elisp


1 Intro

Some of the elisp I have written.

Tarfile of all elisp.

Md5 checksums

Main: http://www.mahalito.net/~harley/elisp
Mirror: http://www.panix.com/~harley/elisp

2 Elisp

crontab-mode.el -- A mode for editing crontab files. Fontifies the text and submits to a remote host.

dna-mode.el -- A mode for editing dna sequences in emacs. Counts bases in a region, reverse complements and makes isearch work on dna.

footnote.el -- Inserts footnotes into a buffer. Useful for people who like to put long urls at the bottom of a file.

html-helper-imenu.el -- Imenu support for html-helper and SGML mode. Produces a menu which looks like a 'table of contents' for the buffer.

iCaps.el -- Applies Apple iProduct style capitalization to words.

osx-itunes.el -- Work with iTunes from within emacs. Requires osx-osascript.

osx-osascript.el -- Support for Applescript within emacs. Should be called 'applescript-mode.el'.

osx-typecreator.el -- Sets the type and creator on osx systems.

perl-myvar.el -- Finds undeclared lexicaly scoped vars in a perl sub and delclares them as 'my()'.

StudlyCaps.el -- An abuse of autocomplete mode to StudlyCapify as you type.

scrmable.el -- Scrambles the order of letters in a word, leaving the first and last one in place.

ssh-config-mode.el -- Fontifies ssh config files.

syslog-mode.el -- Fontifies system logs.

tempo2.el -- A replacement for tempo.el. I found the quoting required for the original tempo mode to be ugly. tempo2 has liberal syntax and evaluation. It is not a drop in replacement, but should be easy.

undo-group.el -- Allows group marks to be pushed on the undo stack and undo-group to undo groups of changes back to the mark.